It has been a month since started this project within my European volunteer program in E4Y. Everything is working as expected and with a very good atmosphere among all the participants.

Currently, we have four groups of different levels from basic level to advanced level. We are working from the most basic things like pronunciation, colors and numbers in the most basic levels to debates on politics or films in the most advanced level

Everything is being developed under non-formal education in which interactivity between the participants is the engine of the sessions. All participants’ proposals are addressed and worked so that everyone can feel involved in their own learning.

Personally I hope that this interesting project will continue its path, which will take us to the month of June. In the meantime I look forward to your visit in our fan page (below) where you can follow the development of the classes

At the moment it is being … Pan Comido!


Antonio, EVS Volunteer in E4Y


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