Do you think that Ukraine isn’t the best place for the youth exchange because of the difficult situation in politics? Last East-West-East project which took place close to Lviv showed that it’s not true at all! Is there any better place to discuss the topic of diversity?

A few Europe4Youth’s participants spent an unforgettable week in the calm and quiet Shepilska resort which surprised us by breathtaking views. Together with young people from Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden and Germany we were talking about differences in areas like: culture, attitudes, languages etc. We went through the topics of human rights, multiculturalism, discrimination, we compared our family roots. The organizers didn’t forget about presenting very briefly the changeable history and interesting culture of Ukraine in the field game. I must say a word about the trip to Lviv – the real symbol of diversity – where we met representatives of the city council and the local NGO taking care of Lviv’s heritage.

We had the possibility to learn more about the participants’ countries during the international evening when we tried traditional sweets and dishes. Yummy!

During this week we divided ourselves into groups and decided to work on specific topics in a workshops teams. Participants could choose between: the forum theatre, the video workshop, oxford debates and the discussion group about stereotypes. The results of the workshops were shown to everybody during the final presentation.

All of us keep knowledge we gained, funny situations and all the moments in our memories. See you next time!

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